Creating Executive Marketing Dashboards With Google Data Studio

Watch on demand: Creating Executive Marketing Dashboards With Google Data Studio

Reporting Made Easy

One of the biggest pain points of marketing in the banking industry is reporting. Presenting metrics, tracking ROI and analyzing trends can be a daunting or time-consuming task.

Google Data Studio

A free tool that can make this task a breeze. Create reports, charts and dashboards that help you track marketing metrics from your digital presence.

Here are all the tools you need to get started creating your own executive marketing dashboard. First, watch the webcast recording to get the full walk-through of how to use and set up Google Data Studio. Next, download the slide deck for a reference sheet. Finally, click on the template link below and follow the instructions for setup.



Template Instructions:

1. Make a copy of the template.
2. Connect your Google Analytics (or other data sources).
3. Customize to fit your reporting needs.
4. Share with your key stakeholders and look like a marketing rockstar!