With over two decades of experience, our seasoned team of professionals approaches your financial institution with deep knowledge of marketing for the banking industry.

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Image of Michael Reynolds

Michael Reynolds

President / CEO

Michael is President/CEO of Capital Point Marketing. His expertise in digital marketing spans over two decades and he is a sought-after and highly-rated speaker.

Image of Allison Gibbs

Allison Gibbs

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Allison found her love for marketing while studying business alongside her theatre degree at Indiana University. She loves working with financial institutions helping them take their websites and digital marketing to the next level.

Image of Garrett Curry

Garrett Curry

Brand Strategist

Brand Strategist at Capital Point Marketing. His core competencies include messaging, corporate naming, identity development, web strategy and branded environments.

Image of Stephanie Fisher

Stephanie Fisher

Content Manager

Hoosier by birth, social media and internet nerd by choice. Or was it a choice? It almost seems like destiny.

Image of Jason Harrop

Jason Harrop

Senior Designer

Jason Harrop, Senior Designer, has been designing websites for 10+ years. An Integrated Studio Art major at BYU - Idaho, he specializes in drawing and illustrating.

Image of Heather Lyon

Heather Lyon

Senior Project Manager

Heather graduated from Ball State University and moved to Chicago where she stumbled upon a job in software, which ultimately led her to Capital Point Marketing.

Image of Amy Metherell

Amy Metherell

Project Manager

Amy has always had a love of organizing all the things which makes her role of Project Management her dream job. She loves keeping projects in line and on time.

Image of Chris Antoine

Chris Antoine

Senior Software Architect

Chris is an Application Developer with 15 years of experience. While he claims to not like people, he is amazing at keeping our customers happy.

Image of Sam McKinney

Sam McKinney


Sam is an avid sports fan and describes the window of time between the end of the current football season and the beginning of the next one "a very dark time."

Image of Nathan Stearns

Nathan Stearns


Born in Germany and raised in Florida, Nathan joins the support team to help our clients get out of a jam. The father of two boys is a veteran after serving in the Air Force and the Army National Guard.